house connection

electric cutter CL70

Technical features

Three main features characterise the CL70 electric cutter:

  • Modern: Latest technology guarantees highest possible productivity & reliability
  • Modular: Free combinable case system offers the right equipment for every challenge
  • Mobile: Equipment trolley with docking function for the control unit, enables highest flexibility and ergonomics

more details:

  • 2x45° (1x90°) tube bends are no obstacle either when retracting or extending
  • Colour camera with adjustable LED illumination
  • Camera cleaning by water
  • Operation via equipment trolley with joystick and touchpanal (PLC control)
  • The equipment trolley is equipped with all necessary tools for use
  • High-contrast monitor
  • Sensors and display messages inform the user about the current status of the robot system
  • Water-cooled milling motor 
  • The 48 V battery with its 500 Wh provides an operating time of up to 5 hours
  • The batteries are easily accessible and replaceable
  • The robot system is pressurised to 1 bar
  • A recording device with integrated hard disk is optionally available (output to USB)
pipe dimension DN 75-200, 90° bends froms DN 100
weight 5,5 kg
swivel angle 600°
feed pneumatic
milling arm drive electric
cutting motor drive electric
milling motor power 500 W
length of supply cable 20 m

pneumatic cutter CL50

The extremely compactly designed CL50 milling robot is suitable for milling in house connections with pipe dimensions of 55-125 mm. Several 90° pipe bends do not pose an obstacle either when retracting or extending. The robot is retracted by pulling on the supply line and on a rope attached to the milling arm. he milling arm can be precisely raised, lowered and rotated in a wide range of 610°. A bracing bubble centers the robot in larger pipe diameters so that the motor is stabilized during milling. The system is also equipped with an adjustable LED lightning and with a color camera which is cleaned by the exhaust air of the milling motor. The CL50 "muscle feed" is available for stepless feed in the house connection. The robot can be operated via a portable control unit or via the equipment trolley. 


  • extension cable up to 12.5 m
  • battery operation possible if no AC voltage of 230 V is available
  • equipment trolley
  • muscle feed

muscle feed

  • length difference between retracted and extended feed: 10cm
  • can be integrated into existing system without further accessories
  • weight (without milling head): 3 kg

equipment trolley

  • height and inclination adjustable
  • storage space for robot or muscle feed
  • push handles can be folded down during operation
  • weight 30 kg
  • 2 l water tank for camera rinsing
  • integrated air drying unit
  • built-in rotary distributor for feeding through all media
  • pneumatic tires
  • 2 pcs. exchangeable batteries
Pipe dimensions 55-125 mm
(with accessory up to 150 mm)
Weight 2,5 kg
Feed rod / muscle
Cutting arm drive electrical
Milling motor drive pneumatic
Milling motor output 500 W at 20,000 rpm
Light diameter 53 mm
Length of supply cable max. 37,5 m

pneumtic cutter CL80

The milling robot CL80 is excellently suited for milling in house connection of DN 85-200 - with carriage DN 300. Through the mutual inflation and venting of the bubbles for tension in combination with the movement of the bubble feed, it also overcomes difficult to access pipe sections. Even 45 ° pipe bends are no obstacle. The cutter arm can be lifted, lowered and rotated in a wide range of 630 ° precisely. The powerful, pneumatically driven milling motor eliminates even larger deposits or construction iron easily. The milling head contains a color camera with LED lighting. There is also pressurized air or water for camera cleaning available. The robot is operated via a removable control case integrated in the equipment cart which on top has a touch panel, joystick and a display. Sensors and display messages inform the user about the current status of the robotic system. By simply relocating the bracing bubbles, the robot is adapted to the respective pipe diameter. The supply line of the CL80 is available with 10 m and 20 m.


  • CL80 sliding wagon
  • CL80 muscle feed
  • Supply cable in diverse lengths
Pipe dimensions DN 85-200 mm
(with accessory 300mm)
Weight 3,8 kg
Feed pneumatic / rod
Cutting arm drive electric
Milling motor drive pneumatic
Milling motor output 750 W at 20,000 rpm
Light diamter 76 mm
Length of supply cable max. 50 m, max. 100 m (without bubble feed)


CL80 sliding wagon

This accessory makes the household connection robot CL80 a multi-tasking robotic system for an increased number of applications. The pneumatic cutter is also suitable for centrical milling tasks in 190-300 mm duct systems and is positioned at the needed location by means of a fiber-glass rod. Due to the integrated tension and lateral lighting, precise milling tasks are ensured in a work area with optimal illumination. All required parts are contained in the sliding wagon set and can be adapted to different pipe dimensions. 

  • pipe dimensions: 190-300 mm
  • weight: 7.5 kg
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