Streicher Kanalsysteme – sewer rehabilitation robots & UV-technology

Streicher Kanalsysteme Fahrzeug mit Kanalroboter
Waterjet ultra-high pressure technology!

Milling robot in combination with ultra-high pressure water jet technology!

[Translate to English:] Elektrischer Fräsroboter EF130 von Firma Streicher
New product

Electric milling robot EF130 for main sewers (DN 140-400)

Streicher Kanalsysteme K800
New product

Elektrischer Fräsroboter CL70 für Hausanschluss! DN 75-200 (DN 300), 90°-Bögen ab DN100

Electric milling robot CL70 for household! DN 75-200 (DN 300), 90° pipe bends from DN100

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Streicher Kanalsysteme GmbH is a middle-sized family business located in the southern of Germany at Lake Constance.

For more than 30 years, we have been successfully developing, producing and distributing high performance, reliable and high quality sewer rehabilitation robots and UV systems worldwide. Our product range covers six robot families with various drives (electric, hydraulic and pneumatic) and three UV system groups in various combinations. With our products, you can work economically and with high productivity.

Until the end of 2017, our products were distributed exclusive by a well-known Swiss company. At that time and today service was always made by us. 
As part of the reorganization of sales since January 2018, we are now in direct contact with our customers, and as manufacturers and developers we can therefore respond individually to customer requests.