Waterjet ultra-high pressure technology!

Milling robot in combination with ultra-high pressure water jet technology!

An increasingly well-known technology for the removal of deposits (such as concrete, lime, roots) in sewer rehabilitation is ultra-high pressure water jet technology. Is this an expedient supplement to milling? In a practical application together with falch GmbH, our cutters for main sewers were equipped with an adapter which enabled the water jet nozzles to be attached.

With a pressure of 2,500 bar, the water whipped purposefully through the pipe and enabled the rapid removal of an extensive concrete deposit.

The result: bbecuase of the massive arm construction, the milling robots can easily withstand the return jet pressure of 26 kg and can now be adapted at low cost on request.
Conclusion: The ultra-high-pressure water jet technology opens up new possibilities for quickly removing massive deposits in the sewer and represents an interesting addition to the existing milling technology.

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